beer bottles

If you are using your own bottles please ensure they are as clean as possible before returning to save you time.

Amber beer bottles 330mL (approximately 144 per full brew) can be purchased from us at the time of your bottling.



  • Beer Box - Holds 24x330mL bottles, or 4 full 6 Pack Holders. Cost - $2.00
  • 6 Pack Holder - Perfect for carrying 6 bottles. Cost - $2.00



If you prefer canning, our canning machine is state-of-the-art, so simple and easy to use.  The aluminium can has progressed significantly in recent years with improvements like food grade lining etc. The Aluminium can is fast becoming the 'Packaging of choice' used by Boutique brewers around the world to present their product ahead of the pack. Zero light exposure, very low O2 levels and transportability are seeing the Fully Printed Aluminium Can meeting all your packaging requirements without compromising any of the beers critical characteristics.

Aluminium cans 500mL (approximately 100 per full brew) can be purchased from us at the time of your canning.

Filling your cans:

beer can filler for your own brew
The cans are automatically pre purged with CO2. Automatically fill to precise levels and automatic shut off.

Seaming your cans:

beer can seamer for your own brew
Simply position the can lid in place, activate the apparatus and the can is seamed. The filler and seamer work together to achieve a consistent production flow.



  • Beer Box - Holds 20x500mL cans. Cost - $2.00



beer labels for your own brew

Create your own labels*

Customised Bottle labels (full set) - $90.00

Customised Can labels (full set) - $75.00

Why not personalise your bottles or cans with your very own customised labels? We can include any photo, logo or design you like. Our labels are printed by a professional signwritter on special label stock to ensure they look great on your bottles or cans, and continue to look good after each brew.  All labels must be in a either a PDF, EPS or JPEG format no larger than 2Mb.

At the moment all labels must be from one of our two templates.  To help you get started, the simplest template is our rectangle label which must be 68mm by 97mm (Rectangle-template.jpg). An alternative is our barrel shape label (Barrel-template.jpg) template.  

There are a couple of great free beer label web sites where you can create and download your own labels at and

Email your image to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Labels may take up to seven days to be delivered.



beer keg for your own brewDo you have your own keg fridge at home? Kegs are simple, just drop them off, our staff will ensure they are cleaned and filled, ready and waiting for you to collect in no time at all.

We can fill 50, 30 and 19 litre kegs, with A-type, D-type and S-type couplers or ball/pin lock disconnects.

Did you know you can mix and match? Why not fill 2 kegs and put the rest in cans or bottles for take-aways?