Brew On Premises

Brew on Premises is where customers come into the brewery to create their own beer using our commercial grade equipment.

After choosing from over one hundred recipes of popular and gourmet beers from around Australia and the world, the customer creates the brew following a simple process using all natural high quality ingredients.  Absolutly no experience is necessary, and customers are guaranteed of a consistent, high quality, commercial grade beer from the Tortured Gum Brewery.

Step 1: Choose your favourite beer style

Tortured Gum has over 100 quality beer recipes to choose from.

Many of these are styled after some very popular and exotic commercial brews such as Heineken, Guinness and Corona.  Any of our recipes can be modified to suit the individual tastes or with our expert help you can even use your own ideas to 'invent' your own custom beer.

Step 2: Making your brew

Following the simple instructions on your recipe sheet, you measure the malts, grains and hops into their respective containers.

These ingredients are then added (with the help of our excellent staff) at various times throughout the brewing process. At the completion of the brewing (about 1 hour) your 'WORT' is transfered from the kettle to the fermenter via a hop filter and heat exchanger. The temperature of the 'WORT' is reduced during this transfer to allow the yeast to be added at the correct temperature to ensure the perfect fermenting environment is achieved. Your brew is then placed in the Fermentation room and you need to book your return Bottling, Canning or Kegging time (minimum three weeks from brewing date).

Step 3: Fermentation

Fermenting your beer at the correct temperature and in the correct environment is crucial to the production of a quality beer.

Tortured Gum uses purpose built temperature controlled fermenting rooms and established testing and sanitation procedures to ensure your beer is perfect every time. After the fermentation is complete, usually 2 - 3 weeks depending on the style of beer, your beer is placed into a cold room and allowed to settle, mature and wait patiently for your return. Your beer is then filtered, transferred into stainless steel carbonating kegs and carbonated the morning you are booked to return.

Step 4: Canning, Bottling or Kegging

At your appointed time, you return to Tortured Gum to transfer your finished beer into whatever packaging you can filler 02

You have the option of Bottling (using your own bottles or purchasing from us), Canning or Kegging.  If you are using your own bottles please ensure they are as clean as possible before returning to save you time.  Your bottles are then placed on our own sanitiser and rinsed ready for use.

Each brew yields 50 litres of beer, approximately 144 x 330ml bottles or 100 x 500ml cans.

After checking to ensure quality you simply use our individually refrigerated bottling stations or our own Canning equipment and fill your preferred packages with your premium Tortured Gum beer.

Step 5: Storage

After you get your beer home from Tortured Gum,  it needs to be kept cold in a fridge to avoid any re-fermentation should any yeast get through the filtration system. Because at Tortured Gum, we do not add any chemicals or preservatives to guard against re-fermentation. This is a safe guard to protect your beer.


It really is that simple, make a booking  to come in and create your own beer!