Brew-on-Premises Pricing

Beer (prices for a 50 litre brew)

For beer styles listed on our current price list:

All other beer styles pricing is available upon request.


If you don't have your own bottles or kegs, you can purchase from us at your first visit. You subsequently now own them so do not have to pay on future visits.


  • Full set 144 x 330ml - $100.00
  • Single 330ml - $0.70


  • Full set 100 x 500ml - $55.00
  • Single 500ml - $0.55


  • Keg system - pricing available upon request.

Please note:

Bottle caps and sterilising are included in your brew cost. All prices include GST and applicable Federal excise payment. Must be fully paid at time of brewing.

Other Pricing

The following are also available should you like to purchase them.

  • Customised Bottle labels (full set) - $90.00
  • Customised Can labels (full set) - $75.00
  • Cardboard cartons (each) - $2.00
  • Cardboard 6 pack holders (each) - $2.00

CO2 Refil

  • $17.50 per Kg

Keg Coolroom Storage

Kegs (19Lt or 50Lt) stored in our coolroom will incur a fee of $5.00 per month.


Note: Pricing subject to change without notice.